Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome to My Little Mojo

We love shopping! Well, who doesn't??

But isn't there times where you find shopping kinda frustrating here?

What we are likely to encounter: -
1) cant find the size that you want (either too big or too small), or
2) quality sucks, or
3) quality sucks & the price is so unreasonably high (100% mark-up)!, or
4) Salesgirl: "everything's there, if dun have, means dun have lor... "; or
5) when asking for new pc, they retorted by: "no, its all there already!"

but you really really love that dress... so, you either get it or leave....

The above happened to me many times. And to make my shopping exp more hassle-free, I turn to online shopping... but, it did not turn out well either. the last straw came when I over-paid for what I will call it a piece-of-raw cloth-not-meant-for-wearing-at-all, for $22, when I could easily get it at BKK for S$1. I wrote to the seller that the photograph of the top is totally different from the actual top I received and wonder if its an error in packing. Of course, I was deny a refund and blah blah blah... so thats it! Now I try to buy my clothes overseas (depending on the cty, 1 trip there could last me 3-6 months worth of clothes)

Instead of complaining, I though why not I combine my love with shopping with online shopping and share it with people who have encountered the same problems (above), or people who DO NOT WANT to encounter the above! =)

That's how My Little Mojo is created - for the love of beautiful clothings without the pinch!


you will not find clothings (imported from you-know-where) with prices that are mark-up highly like what most retail stores do.

You will not find low quality clothings.

Most designs only have few pieces per size & prices are reasonable.

If the designs are not what you want, drop me an email and I will locate it for you as best as I could.

So, stay tuned for more updates! =)